I love light, specifically natural light. Can I shoot in artificial light, of course, but I prefer the softness and dreamy essence that comes from the sun. My style is very candid, romantic, dreamy and REAL. I love emotion and connection and that is what I strive to capture through my lens. Everyone has a story and I want to tell yours. I view each wedding and session as a book without words, a book that pulls at your heartstrings and makes you laugh and cry.

I adore outdoor weddings. I love farms, fields, barns, beaches and unique destinations. I love lace wedding gowns, vintage touches and creamy tones. I love brides that "think outside of the box" and really infuse their personalities into their most important day.

I shoot a mixture of film and digital. Film is classic, it's an art form that cannot be duplicated. I love the tones in film and while it is more expensive than digital, it's timeless and worth the extra investment in my business. I'm also very passionate about the tangible. I'm a photographer that will NOT give you digitals and run. All my packages include digitals but they also include fine art albums and premium prints and framing services. This is the These images need to be displayed and enjoyed, not on a computer or on a CD inside a drawer.

located in nashville traveling worldwide

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